Introducing….. Us!


As facilitators we spend a lot of time in front of people engaging them in conversations, and because of this we feel its important to be more than a faceless company and be, in fact, our crazy, energetic and passionate selves. To that end, we thought we’d introduce you to the team!


Dan CookDan Cook is a patented innovator, father of two and ‘almost’ an Industrial Designer who has worked his way across the world for the entertainment industry since 1995 to light bands, invent widgets, manage productions and avoid getting shot by Colonel Gaddafi’s personal guards(ask him about this!). Over the years Dan has gathered wide-ranging experience from beta-testing and technical document creation for new products through to designing technical systems for multi-million dollar state-of-the-art venues.

Dan has been heavily involved in the evolution of video and lighting system integration from the early days of nightclub VJing to the launch of media servers and convergence technologies into the entertainment industry. As well as being a patented innovator in this field, Dan has run international manufacturing businesses and worked as a facilitator and trainer for a variety of companies, as well as designing workshops, electronics, widgets and code for a number of organisations.

Maker Workshop, Dan’s latest project, brings together 20 years of multidisciplinary experience to help share the joy of invention, creativity and play, and provide STEAM based learning opportunities to the community.


Dr Erica Mealy holds a PhD in computer science and is an exhibited visual artist. She is also lecturer in Information and Communications Technologies. Erica has worked with the Queensland Government Department of Education and Training, State Library Queensland, Digital Careers Australia, Queensland College of Art at Griffith University and in outreach for University of Queensland, Queensland University of Technology and the University of the Sunshine Coast. She was also the recipient of a prestigious Google Computer Science 4 high Schools grant in 2015.

Accomplished as a software engineer in industry, researcher in academia and visual artist specialising in electronics art, Erica has a passion for sharing her drive for making and coding to inspire the next generation of innovators and professionals.

The daughter of a high school IT teacher, Erica’s association with and understanding of the education sector started at an early age – she proudly tells people her first auditory memory was that of a dot-matrix printer. She has been writing code for over 20 years and has experience in areas as diverse as sports analysis, train control, safety critical software, embedded electronics, databases and the web. She’s also the proud mum of two amazing daughters.