LittleBits releases STEAM Student Set


LittleBits, the hugely successful electronics invention platform has just released a STEAM based learning kit that comes with 16 hours of teaching and really engages students in problem solving and learning.

Little bits works by removing the ‘boring’ components of electronics and making specific components just snap together using colour coded magnetic blocks. Blocks are colour coded for power (blue), input (pink), output (green) and ‘wires'(orange), and will only connect the correct way. Sensors can be linked to motors, buzzers and lights in a snap. Literally!

The STEAM kit comes with a student invention guide and a teachers guide, meaning that both teachers and students can get up and running in no time at all. While not cheap, LittleBits is designed for education and learning and is a fun versatile way to get into STEAM teaching in Maker fashion!