Piper – Teaching STEM with Minecraft and Raspberry Pi


Piper is an educational kit that teaches kids how about electronics and computing through a self assembly Raspberry Pi computer kit that runs a special version of Minecraft. The kit teaches kids about electronics through the Minecraft gameplay and provides special mission and interactive tasks without a manual in sight!

The first units of the amazingly successful Kickstarter campaign started arriving at the pledgers houses today and so we thought we’d better give it a quick mention as an excellent teaching tool.


With a price point of USD$269, the kit is expensive, especially as a Raspberry Pi is not included, but given the thousands of hours of development in software hardware it a fantastic looking learning tool for kids. To quote the website, here are some of the features:

Play an an awesome series of adventure maps in Minecraft
Build a controller to navigate your robot in the game –
Assemble your own electronics to solve in game puzzles and challenges –
– Add switches to uncover secrets –
– Make an LED light proximity sensor for finding treasure –
– Use a buzzer to help you navigate dangerous terrain-
– Add motion detectors when traversing underwater levels –
– Switch on an LED flashlight to see at night –
– Build and customize your own beautifully engraved box
– Decorate your Raspberry Pi 2 with a beautiful laser-etched acrylic stand –
Create your own custom levels and modifications to share with your friends