From primary school to professional development, we offer a range of workshops tailored to your organisation. Specialising in code and electronics we can run a range of engaging incursions to up-skill your class.

We have a range of ‘stock’ workshops that we can deliver at a moments notice as well as a range of workshop frameworks that can be customised and tailored to your participants. Our stock workshops are:

Robotics & Electronics

Arduino We offer Arduino courses from absolute beginner (101) to advanced user. Professional Development and student workshops are available for varying lengths. We will also happily recommend suppliers of products and kits to get you started. (12yrs+)
Wearables Closely linked with the Arduino workshops, we look at wearable technology and make basic wearable circuits. This can be customised to you participants projects.(12yrs+)
Trashbots Our ever-popular trashbot workshop provides an environmental look at electronics and shows participants how to turn kerb-side collection electrical junk into robots. This workshop also looks at design thinking and basic electrical circuits.(9yrs+)
Vibrobots & Drawbots This workshop is all about creating electrical circuits from household items and creating little robots that you can race or draw with! With an overview of circuits, friction and eccentric mass systems, this is a super-fun session for both young and old.(7yrs+)
Lego Mindstorms Robotics Utilising the lego platform, we can run workshops from introduction to advanced brick sorting robots!(10yrs+)

Code and Coding Skills

Barefoot Coding This is a fantastic introduction to coding, but without computers! From prep years to teachers we get basic coding methodology and logic skills understood without the hassle of syntax and software.(Prep+)
Scratch Coding We offer a range of scratch workshops from introductory drawing programs through to advanced concepts such as parallax scrolling platform games, space invaders and music sequencers. A perfect way to supplement your coding curriculum. (8yrs+)
Processing (Java) The precursor to Arduino, the processing platform is a coding tool for artists and designers, providing a solid platform for programming with applications ranging from generative art and games to web integrated apps and networking. This is a great way to get students and teachers with some experience into bigger code concepts.(14yrs+)
Web (HTML & CSS) Learn how to create web pages and change the look and feel easily. This course set covers basics of web site creation using naked code or web apps such as DreamWeaver. This also includes a look at web technologies and how the web works with a look at File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and uploading/downloading data to sites.(14yrs+)

Costs per workshop vary based on participant numbers and whether student or Professional Development. Please contact us to get a quick quote.

*Recommended ages are a guideline only, based on class size and participant aptitude. Please contact us to discuss if you would like the class tailored to a different group age range.